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Vincent Grimmly Mini Figurine by PhoenixComicsToys

Vincent Grimmly Mini Figurine by PhoenixComicsToys



  • Product Information

    The Vincent Grimmly Mini figurine! 

    Atop a mountain somewhere on the outskirts of Transylvegas sits a lonely crumbling castle, in which dwells a mysterious figure.

    Who is he? What is he? Don’t ask him, he doesn’t have a friggin’ clue either.

    All he knows is that his name is Vincent Grimmly and he’s lived in that castle for many, many years. He can’t remember much else because he has the memory of a goldfish. A very stupid goldfish.

    He passes the centuries with his sidekick Phydeaux (pronounced Fido), a talking raven with at least double the IQ points of Grimmly himself.

    Together they try to bore themselves (and you) to death with the worst that cinema has to offer.

    Each hand painted mini figurine comes complete in box with card as shown and is numbered on the bottom in the order created!