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Ringmaster "Timothy Tegge"

Ringmaster "Timothy Tegge"



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    Timothy Noel Tegge was born into and raised around the colorful world of show business and the variety arts. He first donned clown makeup at age three, appearing with his father, also a clown at the time, in a parade. That was all it took to ignite a life-long love affair with the world of spotlights and spangles. By the time he was five, Timothy was applying his own makeup and generating laughs in the ring of the family-owned TNT & Royal Olympic Circus. Now, nearly fifty years later, Tegge still dominates the limelight—sometimes as a clown, often an illusionist, but always as the consummate variety artist—traveling several months every year from coast to coast.

     A professional chemistry between Timothy and his wife of many years, Barbara, herself a celebrated, third-generation performer, brought forth the creation of a production that Tim had long envisioned but never pursued until he found the ideal partner with whom to make it become a reality.  Together, their shared experiences in circus, theater, cabaret, and night club entertainment; their collective knowledge of the general entertainment industry past and present; and their outlook on the future of show business is keenly blended into this new production. 

     THE TIMOTHY TEGGE SHOW combines the glorious days of  traditional vaudeville, classic magic, and clever comedy with a fresh, up-to-date approach that satisfies all ages.  As old as Caesar and as new as tomorrow, it is P.T. Barnum, David Bowie, Ed Sullivan, and Criss Angel, all rolled into one!

    This is a resin figure 54mm -1/32