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El enmascarado de plata Tin sign

El enmascarado de plata Tin sign



  • Product Information

    This Tin sign has a Diameter 30cm  

    This cult-classic was Director Rene Cardona's attempt to capitalize on the popularity of professional wrestling and on of its biggest stars of the 1950's, known as "El Santo". However it is not about wrestling. It chronicles the adventures of a crime-fighting duo known as El Enmascadero de la Plata,,( The Silver Mask), and his adolescent sidekick Pecas (Freckles), as they take on a murderous Mad Doctor and an evil gang-leader called El Lobo,(The Wolf). It also features some low-budget but creative, sci-fi type of special effects and was written by the creator of the El Santo comic book series.

    Shippping cost $16 Please select the tin sign rate at flat rate box accross the U.S.