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Alexander & Adelaide Herrmann: Sawing a woman in half

Alexander & Adelaide Herrmann: Sawing a woman in half



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    Sawing a woman in half is a generic name for a number of stage magic tricks in which a person (traditionally a female assistant) is apparently sawn or divided into two or more pieces. The world of Circus always has been intriguing and extravagant: the people, the diversity of their life choices, and their ability to entice the imagination of young or old. In this set, Maroc's Navas distills the very essence of Circus paying special attention to that late 19th and early 20th Century shows. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth, come and see the Miniature Circus. Reference: Alexander & Adelaide Herrmann. Collection: The Amazing Circus Sculptor: Marco Navas Material: Resin-54mm -1/32 Edition: Limited to 100 copies Adelaide Measures: Alt 5cm X 9,5 Ancho Alexander Measures: Alt 9cm X5,3 diameter Type of Case: Color Cover Exclusive US and Canada distributor Call for the waitlist if out of stock.